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Heart Touch Survival Guide

The unfolding coronavirus pandemic has become a major part of all of our lives. We are a part of an historical event, and the effects are not only immediate, but will resonate through our society for many years to come. We face an uncertain future, but we face it together.


Socially, we're required to isolate right now, but humans are wired for social contact. Our nervous systems need each other for co-regulation. Anxiety and negativity can escalate when we are isolated, in part because we are not able to regulate with the help of others.


Heart Touch has created a “Survival Guide” to help you stay connected and combat isolation while staying safely at home. Let's get through this together!

Self-Care Resources

Last update: 9/16/20

Informative Articles & Infographics:

Free Educational Programs:



Heart Touch Recommended Podcasts:

Guided Meditations

Take some time for yourself to foster presence in the present moment. Here are some guided meditations led by our Heart Touch facilitating team.

Heart Touch Support Groups

Last update: 9/16/20

Does this pandemic have you feeling anxious, stressed, and worried about the future? Welcome to the club...literally! Below we have links to scheduled online groups and cafes to explore the difficulties, triumphs, and to-do lists that we’re all facing right now.


  • Online Death Cafe

    • Led by Dr. Mario Milch - MD, Rose Wolf - RN, and Ashley Schmitz - RN​

    • Check back for meeting date/time

Activities for Children

(and the Young at Heart)

Last update: 4/25/20

Virtual Story Hour

Patricia Berberich reads Stone Soup, written and illustrated by Jon J. Muth.

Downloadable Coloring Books & Mandalas

Are you working from home and need something to entertain your little ones? Or to take your own mind off of things? Enjoy these free coloring books downloads suitable for all ages!

Pages from HTP_ColoringPages3-5-2.jpg

Ages 3 to 5

Pages from HTP_ColoringPages6-12-2.jpg

Ages 6 to 12

Pages from

Ages 6 to Adult

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