The Heart Touch Project gratefully acknowledges the financial contributions provided by those who support our mission. Your contribution makes a significant impact in the lives of those who are medically fragile and terminally ill, providing a profound experience and a tremendous gift, both to the patient and therapist. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated, not only by The Heart Touch Project but ultimately by those who experience the compassionate, therapeutic touch from our volunteers. We are grateful for the generosity of those listed below who have made a significant contribution to The Heart Touch Project.


Memorial Funds: Those who donate in memory of their family

The Ernest Leiblich Memorial Fund

The Edith Skeehan Memorial Fund

The Lily Smith Memorial Fund

The Roberta Trousdale Memorial Fund

The Frederick Woods Memorial Fund

The Robert Zeltonoga Memorial Fund

The William Zeltonoga Memorial Fund

The Jean Cooper Memorial Fund

The Doris and Arthur Glick Fund


Heart Touch Heroes: Those who donate $5,000 and above

René Russo

Diane Cary & James Parriot

Butch Shuman

Brian and Kristen Hirrel

Dorothea G. Scattaglia

Tobey Cotsen Victor

Doris and Arthur Glick


Companions – Those who donate between $2,500 to $4,999

Cathy Shim & Robert Garant

Fred and Lenore Kayne


Nurturers: Those who donate between $1,000 to $2,499

Marilyn Aninger

David Valdez and Linda Kornemann

Michael Merrick

Mario Milch

Vince Newman

Rolga Pagan

Joel Polachek

Kayte Ringer

Amy Rosenbaum

Stephen J. & Linda M Stone

Geof & Laura Wyatt

Candice Zee


Collaborators: Those who donate between $500 to $999.

Tom P. Cusick Jr.

Jaquie Ochoa-Rosellini

Roger Ratner

Daniel Troiano

Dwight Whiting

Joseph Berberich

Ben Zandpour

Sheila Pinkel

Andres and Maria Santamaria

Fred & Lenore Kayne


Helpers: Those who donate between $250 to $499.


Ken Devine

Gary & Nava Dordick

Fares Ennabe

Babbie Green

Donna Hollingsworth

Robert Hollingsworth


Thomas Lennon

Janice Miller

Georgea Muschel

Sandy and Felipe Ochoa

Milly and Tom Ritter

Shawnee Smith


Kurt Tamaru