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Reiki Level II - Part A & B

Taught by Eva Montealegre

Level 2 is about broadening your knowledge and skills. It also allows for more effective self healing and deepening your personal relationship with Reiki energy nurturing you to live Reiki. Your healing channel is increased.
You will be taught Reiki symbols that will allow you to perform distant healing and other techniques.
You will be attuned to Level 2 and given a 21 day distance healing assignment, taking notes highly suggested.

Learning Objectives
  • How to use symbols for general healing, use of the Reiki box

  • How to use a "correspondence" to represent the person receiving distance healing

  • How to "program" Reiki for distance healing and protection

  • Easy treatments of animals, plants, inanimate objects, food, drink and medicine, situations and empowering goals.

Learning Outcomes

Each student will not only be able to use Reiki for distant healing, but also be able to apply these principles on loves ones, pets, world situations and any potential healing practice as Reiki magnifies these outcomes. Potentially, Level Two students can be confident as professional practitioners as you can support your clients with added sklils as Reiki 2 practitioner and your ability to send distance Reiki.

  • Introduction of Students

  • Attunement

  • Drawing of Symbols, learning the mantras and the use of these techniques on clients, loved ones and situations

  • How to use the symbols to cleanse and charge a room

  • How to perform a special treatment using the symbols

  • Penelope Quest Chart instruction step by step is introduced as a reference along with a visualization to help with this particular concept of empowerment. Students will become familiar with the exact steps of this very powerful mental-emotional treatment

Course Syllabus

Reiki Techniques such as the Reiki Sandwich and Quick Chakra and Aura balancing will be included. Discussion on uses and how to make it work for each person according to their comfort zones and in their own unique way will be addressed.

Exact details and demonstrations on how to use the power symbols to self-heal and 21-day assignment for distance application which will allow for development of each workshop participant's unique Reiki experience.

Using a daily Reiki journal will assist students in developing questions and a clear view of their personal process over the initial 21 days and can be utilized throughout their practice. This log is especially important for the distance healing experience.

When students return after 21 days, more advanced techniques for sessions on others and many situations will be explored and discussed in detail. Questions written down in journals as participants experience their personal practice of Reiki will be
useful in the workshop for all students.

Practical application and practice will be part of the workshop.


Training Schedule

The Heart Touch Reiki Level 2 training program is held at The Heart Touch Project Training Room.

Training Cost

The Heart Touch Reiki training program costs $250 due with the application.

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