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comfort and pain management​

The Heart Touch Project desires to provide therapeutic and empathetic touch for comfort and pain management through our various programs.  We train volunteers to provide a loving presence through compassionate, therapeutic touch to meet the needs of our patients (infants, children, women and men) who are faced with serious illness, trauma, infected with HIV to those that are at the final stages of their life.  Once volunteers have completed the required Heart Touch Project training programs, they are eligible to apply to volunteer at any of our program offerings.

Children's Program

Children in hospitals are especially vulnerable. In addition to dealing with the challenges that every growing child faces, these children must cope with the added burden of serious illness, trauma and other emotional and physical issues. …learn more >

Hospice Program

Patients who are facing advanced or life-limiting illness are admitted into hospice where they can get the specialized care they need that is focused on maximizing the comfort and quality of life rather than the cure. Hospices use a team-oriented approach through integrative medicine, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support to help those in their care…learn more >

International Outreach Program

According to the World Health Organization, “HIV is the world's leading infectious killer and remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges, particularly in low and middle-income countries.” The vast majority of those suffering are from poor countries… learn more >

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