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Bringing Truth Into Being

"I have learned that it is wrong to want to apply the thoughts of another person in one's life. 'I don't want you simply to follow me on the path I am following to reach the goal,' she has told me.

"'Go your own way, on the path you select for yourself, corresponding to your own innermost inclinations. Don't accept any statement because I made it even if it is true hundred times over, it is still not your truth, it is still not your experience, and it will not belong to you.

"Bring truth into being, and then it will belong to you. Regard the lives of those who have achieved truth only as proof that the goal can be reached.'"

"At these words of my teacher's, I was seized by the irresistible drive toward absolute independence, and this urge freed me from the nefarious attitude of expecting help from outside. I don't need a teacher that influences me, but a teacher who teaches me not to allow myself to be influenced."

~Selvarajan Yesudian on Elisabeth Hatch in Initiation

Step Into Your Truth With These 4 Steps

Huffington Post contributor, Rebecca Mckown, has a powerful call to live your truth. As a mindset and transformational coach, Akashic Records Practitioner, and true believer in love and life, Rebecca has a question and some powerful tools to step into your truth.

Are you ready to live a life of truth and self-acceptance? Live your truth right here, right now. What does this mean exactly? It means to live your most truthful self. Inside you is a person waiting to jump out and live in truth and openness. Most of us spend our days living up to expectations and definitions.

All of us are living to be someone different than who we truly are. This is a lie. It is time to live your truth and own it.

The truth of the soul is powerful. The weight of the ego is sometimes more powerful. Trust your power to move the ego aside and live your truth. If you are needing a bit of guidance on how to do this, here you go:

4 Steps in Living Your Truth

1.) Accept who you are at this moment

The key to change is accepting who you are and by accepting what struggles you deal with. Without acceptance, you will constantly feel unworthy of progress. It is normal to struggle, to be disappointed in choices you make. But it is okay. Accept who you are, and I mean fully accept it, without judgment or blame, and feel the flood gates of progress open up before you. You are perfect, right here, right now. Remember it and believe it.

2.) Acknowledge who you are

Who are you? What do you stand for? It's wonderful isn't it, being you? The true you, the one hiding behind past definitions is ready to emerge. Let yourself break free from the cocoon and fly.

3.) Define your truth

This may take a bit of work... figuring out your truth. In reality you already know it, but for whatever reason, fear of judgment, previous definitions, or denial, you have buried your truth deep within the abyss. If you stop and listen and feel your inner-self, you will become aware of the truths that lay within you. Take the time to think on it, feel it, meditate or journal your thoughts and feelings. You may not even have to do this because you are already aware of your truth. Define your truth and roll with it.

4.) Live loudly and proudly

Now that you know your truths, live it loudly and proudly. Let no one deny you your truth. Be honest and full in your truth. Don't hide behind judgment, self or society inflicted, or anything else. Your personal truth is just that, truth. Haven't we been told to always tell the truth. So do it loudly and proudly.

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