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Phone Calls

If you’re currently a volunteer at a hospice organization, please contact your volunteer manager if you wish to make phone calls to patients in lieu of volunteer visits. Each healthcare facility has a list of guidelines that you will need to be aware of prior to checking in with your patient via phone/face-time.


If you are not a volunteer at a hospice or healthcare facility but would like to call an isolated individual to brighten their day, please complete this form and we will assign you to a hospice organization or to an isolated person in need of company.

As always, when volunteering with any patient, please be up-to-date and compliant with HIPAA.

Stay Connected While Staying at Home

Governor Newsom has called on everyone to check in with the older and at-risk adults in their lives. Below are additional programs and organizations that you can join to make sure our neighbors, friends, and family are connected and have the support they need during this time.

Governor Newsom's "Neighbor-to-neighbor campaign"

Listos California - Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

State of California Department of Aging

Statewide hotline for Californians who have questions or who need assistance during COVID-19, 833-544-2374

Using Guided Meditations During Wellness Checks

Want to offer a relaxing meditation to your patient during your wellness check? Create your own guided visualization using The Heart Touch Project Glad Libs exercise. This personalized guided mediation template will take your patient on a quick mental retreat.


This resource addresses concerns regarding the impact of social isolation and how seniors can stay connected with others digitally during these uncertain times. As seniors can be less aware of technology options or simply do not understand their uses, the guide breaks down some of the more popular technology options for families to use to maintain communication with loved ones. Each section breaks down each platform for beginners to understand the purpose and also provides additional external learning resources for the platforms detailed.

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