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Hospice Program

Patients who are facing advanced or life-limiting illness are admitted into hospice where they can get the specialized care they need that is focused on maximizing the comfort and quality of life rather than the cure.  Hospices use a team-oriented approach through integrative medical attention, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support to help those in their care.  The Heart Touch Project volunteers are part of this hospice team who create a world of comfort surrounding the patient at the end of their life.  Terminally ill individuals often have limited physical mobility, diminished energy and reduced contact with friends.  Their world shrinks dramatically.  The Heart Touch Project volunteers help keep that avenue to the world open, providing a loving presence through compassionate, therapeutic touch.  Research* has shown that by relying on the power of touch as an avenue of communication, volunteers are able to reassure those with advanced or terminal illnesses that they are not alone, which can reduce anxiety, alleviate discomfort while calming those who are agitated or distraught.  Other measurable benefits include:

  • Increases body awareness

  • Grounds those who are spatially disoriented

  • Reinforces a positive body image, helping individuals cope with physical debilitation

  • Enhances circulation and reduces swelling

  • Helps joint and muscle function

  • Improves energy level

  • Helps delay muscle atrophy

  • Improves skin texture and general tissue tone

  • Reduces the need of drug intervention and physical restraint

We have partnered with local hospice organizations committed to maximizing the quality of life for those diagnosed with advanced or terminal illness.  During The Heart Touch Training Program, volunteers are assigned to one of our partner hospice organizations.  


Our premier hospice partners in the Southern California area:

Learn more about how you can make an impact in individual's lives by volunteering through our Heart Touch Project Hospice Program.

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