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Heart Touch Method for Hospital & Hospice Staff

This six-hour course is designed for Hospital and Hospice staff (doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, home health aides, volunteers, and other staff) as a basic introduction to the Heart Touch model of providing compassionate touch to hospice patients. Using a combination of exercises, demonstrations, and lectures, participants will experience the importance and power of touch as a means to communicate care and compassion.

Training Benefits

Upon completion of this training program, you will receive a certificate of completion from The Heart Touch Project and are eligible for six continuing education hours for Registered Nurses and Chaplains.

Training Course Content
  • Mindful, heart-centered approach to working with medically fragile patients

  • Sensitive touch techniques designed specifically in working with the terminally ill

  • Physical and psychosocial benefits of Heart Touch for ill and isolated individuals

  • Creating a safe and supportive working environment between the practitioner & patient

  • Client assessment and client communication skills

  • Defining boundaries and establishing the limits of the practitioner/patient relationship

  • Processing feelings resulting from the impact of this work

  • Learn new techniques designed for hospice care

  • Developing skills to become a mindful presence using both verbal and nonverbal communication modalities

Training Requirements

In order to take this program, you will need to provide current employment as a medical caregiver in a hospital or hospice system. Volunteers must also be active within their organization.

Training Schedule

The Heart Touch Method for Hospital and Hospice Staff training is scheduled and held within each individual hospital/hospice location and is tailored to the organization’s individual needs.  To schedule this training program, please contact our Program Director, Shawnee Smith at 310-391-2558 or by email or complete training request form .

Training Cost

The Heart Touch Method for Hospital and Hospice Staff training is customized for each hospital/provider site so fees will vary according to participant size and the distance facilitators must travel.

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