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Fu Mask Sewing Instructions

By FreeSewing

Prepare Materials:

  • Cut 2 x main fabric (RST* so it's ready to sew)

  • Cut 2 x lining fabric (RST)

  • Cut straps: Either 1 x 44"-48"" continuous piece of cording; or 4 pieces for ties; or 2 x 8" elastic strips for ear circles

  • Cut 1 x 8" piece of wire

  • Cut 2"x 9.5" fabric strips for nose wire sleeve

  • Prepare sleeve strip: fold in half lengthwise, press. Then press edges to center, then fold strip in half and press.


Sew your mask:

1.  Stitch center front seam on both main and lining. Trim seam to 1/8" and clip curves. Finger press seam to one side.

2.  Add sleeve to wrong side of main mask: Place prepared strip about 1/8" down from raw edge with opening facing up. Machine baste to close sleeve opening and attach along top edge of main mask piece.

3.  Join main and lining pieces RST. Sew with main piece facing up from edge to edge, on top of your line of basting stitches at the top edge. Close the bottom edge.

4. Add wire to sleeve. Turn mask RSO

5. Press bottom seam, topstitch about 1/8" from edge.

6. Finish side edges by serging or turning ¼" twice, pressing, and stitching narrow hem.

7. Fold side edges in ½", press.

8. Add strap(s). Either sew ribbons or ties to 4 corners, or lay continuous cording into channel and stitch channel closed, or lay elastic loops into channel, in either case, take care to leave strap free to move within channel.


*RST= Right sides together. RSO= Right side out

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