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Amelia Mask Sewing Instructions

By Karina Buck

1. Cut 4 pieces from pattern. From ¼" elastic, cut either 2 x 8" elastic straps for over-ear version, or 2 x 12" straps for overhead version.  You can also use bias tape, or make your own  3/8" fabric strips. Mark notches on inner edge and X's on outer edge where straps attach.  

2. Place one set of cut mask pieces right sides together (RST), matching notches. Sew inner edge seam, using ¼" seam allowance.  Repeat for second set. Turn each set right side out. Finger press seams either open or to one side.

3. Place one mask set inside the other, RST.  Carefully position the cut elastics (see pattern piece for lengths) as marked.   The raw ends of your straps or elastic face the raw edge of the outer edge, the rest of the strap should be looped inside.  For over ear elastic loops, form a single loop on each side, like the handles of a soup tureen. For overhead version, the elastic cross from side to side, like on a pair of swim goggles.  If using fabric or bias tape straps, attach one strap to each of the four X's and tie behind the head. 

4. Sew around the outer seam, making sure to catch the strap ends as you go, and avoid sewing over the any other part of the strap that's looped inside.  Leave about 3" unsewn for turning. 

5. Turn mask right side out, finger press the raw edges of the 3"opening inside, then close the opening with topstitching.

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