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Instructions for "15-minute Mask"*

By Ready Set Sew

Cut Fabric and Straps: 1 piece 15.5" x 8.5" for main mask and

2 pieces 2.5" x 4.5" for side channels

For Ties: Cut 1 x 44" piece of cording

If using ¼" Elastic:  Cut 2 x 10" pieces of elastic for ear loops or 2 x 12 ¾" pieces goggle style over/behind head style


Finish both 8.5" edges with serger or turn under ¼" twice and stitch.  Then measure in 1.5" from each edge and mark on wrong side. 


Bring finished edges RST and sew from edge to mark on each end with a 5/8" seam. This is the top of your mask.  Open tube. Finger press seam open.  (You're creating the nose wire pocket.)


Top Stitch seam about 1/8" from edge down both sides of pocket opening. Careful not to catch any part of mask. Turn mask RSO


Make pocket by stitching over topstitching.  (7:54 on video tutorial)

At corner, pivot and continue stitching about a1/4" from edge around the rectangle of the mask, leaving the pocket open at the very end to insert the wire.


Insert wire (or pipe cleaner or whatever you're using). Then stitch the opening closed.


Create pleats across mask so that mask edge measures 3 ½".


Press side channels about ¼" top and bottom, then fold in half vertically.  (Hold up to side of mask and adjust top folds to to match height of pleated mask.)


Place raw edges of side channels onto front of mask RST and stitch ¼' seam. Backstitch both ends.


Place ties or elastic into opened-up channel right up against the seam, wrap the rest of the channel fabric around the tie to the back-side of the mask, and stitch it closed.  (You could use a zipper foot to do this.) Be careful not to catch the tie in your stitching – tie needs to move freely within the channel.

*Mask may take longer than 15-mins to make.

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