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Covid-19 Advanced Practitioner Training

In light of the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our communities, the Heart Touch team has pulled together key information from our partners and task forces in a single training to support your planning for a safe reopening of your massage therapy practice. This training covers everything from stringent COVID-19 sanitation and safety protocols to preparing your workspace and screening clients to ensure a safe return for all.

Training Benefits

Heart Touch, in collaboration with its partners, has produced the COVID-19 Advanced Practitioner Training for Heart Touch providers to ensure a safe return for all. The one-day training will have a four hour session online and a four hour session in person. The COVID-19 Advanced Practitioner Training for Heart Touch will include education on: 

Training Course Content
  • How the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spreads.

  • Steps to take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Requirements from the California Department of Public Health.

  • Recommendations from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.

  • Resources for PPE purchases, sanitizers, and more information.

  • PPE and universal precautions

  • Caregiver Stress /Burnout/Compassion Fatigue

  • Co-morbidities resulting from this type of stress

  • Personal Safety Precautions

  • Setting up safe physical space to work in hospital (with hospital assistance)

  • Self care

  • Reflective listening in trauma situations

  • Working with trauma survivors


Training Requirements

In order to take this program, you will need to be a certified massage therapist or be in school working towards this certification.


Training Schedule

Online 2-4 hours. 


Training Cost

The Infant Massages For Healthcare Professionals training program is customized for each hospital/provider site so fees will vary according to participant size and the distance facilitators must travel.